Friday, March 23, 2007

A demonic limerick

There was a young demon named Cthulu
Who was building himself a fine new loo
But to his chagrin
The animals burst in
So that Cthulu's new loo was a Zulu!

And speaking of Cthulu, there is news of potential Lovecraftian hijinks in Dublin. Can the curse that has dogged "A Shoggoth on the Roof" from its genesis finally be broken? Or is it, in fact, a musical that "cannot and should not be produced"?

Only the old ones know.... Such knowledge is not vouchsafed to mere mortals.

Images of Seville

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday : Words of the Week - episode 2

If you thought I would forget this, you fail to understand the depths of my compulsion. But, in recognition of jetlag and associated confusion, let's keep it brief.

Lazy Susan, Merry Andrew, Doubting Thomas, Bloody Mary, Jolly Roger, Black Jack, Spotted Dick. Let's cut it off there, shall we, and not open the door to the likes of willy nilly, peg leg, and charley horse. Well, OK, those three, but no more. Sadie Hawkins, you stay right where you are! This gives as our final list:

  1. lazy susan
  2. merry andrew
  3. black jack
  4. peg leg
  5. charley horse
  6. spotted dick
  7. bloody mary
  8. jolly roger
  9. doubting thomas
  10. willy nilly

By my count, only two of these terms always refer to an actual person. Which two? And what do the other terms mean?

Feel free to add your own suggestions.

Transcendental vandal scandal

A brief post just to register outrage at the fate of a school I once attended for a year. A story way too complicated for me to format using blogging software, but outlined over here:

I stumbled across this story last week by way of a google search done on a whim, and I can't quite pin down my reaction. A mixture of - "what do you mean, the Beatles' TM guru has been defacing my former high school? - that's just too totally weird", with a fair amount of, but less than total, outrage, because - let's face it - the Gothic monster that was/is St Ludwig's is not exactly a building to love for all time.