Friday, May 16, 2008

La contaminación auditiva

Guanajuato is a picturesque spot, no doubt about it. What it is not is quiet. In fact, I don't think I've ever spent this long somewhere this noisy. And, though it pains me to admit it, I'm not holding up particularly well. It feels as if I've been taking part in a kind of involuntary sleep deprivation exercise. My major hope is that, when the receptionist at the hotel promised 'una habitación tranquila' that this promise will indeed be realized once I move to the hotel tomorrow.

what are some of the contributing factors to the 'contaminacion auditiva'? Well, in no particular order:
  • the gas man
  • the dogs
  • the fireworks
  • the loudspeaker cars
  • the strolling bands
  • the battle of the birds
  • the concerts
  • the bar down the street
  • the frayed nerves of the Irish test subject

But enough whining. I promised you at least one photo, and here it is:

Guanajuato May 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

¡Greetings from Guanajuato!

Yes, folks! About a month later than originally planned, this blog, she is starting back up again. This time to document the great Spanish adventure, part 2. Where 'Spanish' in this case should be taken as referring to the language and not the country. This year, in an effort to reach that elusive pinnacle of success, a passing grade in the DELE superior, I will be focusing my efforts on los paises hispanohablantes on this side of the Atlantic. Beginning aquí en Mexico, where I will be spending a month. Then, after a pause for some travel back in the U.S. and Canada, continuing - hopefully from about July 1st - in Buenos Aires.

Whether in fact I feel ready to take the damned test in August, or decide to wait until November remains to be seen. It's horrifying how much I've already forgotten this past winter.

Soooo.. Easing back slowly into this whole blogging thing - bear with me. It will probably take a while for me to find 'my voice' again. I've actually been here in Guanajuato since Sunday night, but dealing with the usual newcomer's trifecta of altitude, sleep deprivation, and Montezuma has made the first few days just a matter of survival, rather than energetic exploration. I've also located a nice quiet-looking hotel that I will be moving to on Saturday and that should help a lot with the sleep deprivation aspect. There will also be photos. All in due course.

But I will leave it there for now. And conclude by noting that today is my sister's birthday, so here's a birthday shout-out all the way to Ontario