Friday, November 16, 2007

Language skillz - we has them!!!

Oh hell, the internet is no place for modesty, right? So I'll just take a little time out from my massive reading binge to share the results of my Spanish exam in August. You will recall, I took the intermediate level DELE test, administered by the Cervantes Institute.

Part I : Written comprehension (20) and composition (15)
Maximum possible score : 35 points
Passing score: 24.5 points
My score: 34.75 points

Part II : Grammar and vocabulary (20)
Maximum possible score : 20 points
Passing score : 14 points
My score : 18.33 points

Part III : Auditory comprehension (15) and oral expression (30)
Maximum possible score : 45 points
Passing score : 31.5 points
My score : 44.5 points

Overall grade: "APTO"

I even have my official diploma to prove it. Which I'm to lazy to take a picture of, so you will have to take my word for it.

So, bring on the advanced exam in May!! I'll be looking forward to it.