Friday, May 11, 2007

A tasty treat

In an earlier post, I had good things to say about "frutas del bosque" flavored ice-cream. The item pictured in this post gives the fruits of the forest a run for their money in the deliciousness stakes. It is a frozen lemon, and consists exactly of what you see in the picture - a scooped out lemon, refilled with delicious lemon ice-cream. The fact that the filling is ice-cream, rather than a sorbet, makes it more delicious, not less.

After I photographed this particular example, I ate it. It was incredibly delicious. Sometimes life is very good indeed.


O'Donovan said...

I would truly love to see what sorts of creatures run in the Deliciousness Stakes. The two confections you cited, obviously. Probably there would be some kind of souffle entry (although how could it win? All that jostling.) and perhaps a delicious bass.

gaelstat said...

Some delicious sacaulait, maybe? (Ducking and running for cover)

Anonymous said...

Si, si, si! Limones siempre!