Friday, June 29, 2007

El pintor de la luz

"El pintor de la luz". Horrifyingly, in English this phrase has been appropriated by one Thomas Kinkade (The Painter of Light TM), to the extent that Media Arts Group, the company that peddles his work to the public at large, has somehow managed to trademark the phrase. "How can such things be?" you ask. I have no idea. As this is a family blog, and I have no desire to be accused of contributing to the corruption of the artistic taste of any children who might be exposed to its contents, I will spare you any visual depictions of what Laura Miller, book critic for, describes memorably as:

Kinkade's weirdly compelling images of snug stone cottages whose unimaginably cozy interiors send an amber glow cascading out over their radioactively colorful gardens in the violet light of dusk.

For her entertaining review of Kinkade's literary efforts, follow this link:

The Writer of Dreck TM

Fortunately, where art is concerned, the Spanish are a little more selective. El pintor de la luz (not trademarked) refers not to el maestro de kitsch TM , but to the painter Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, born in Valencia in 1863. link for sorolla (83 paintings)

Why am I telling you about Sorolla this evening? Because he was the subject of this evening's culture class. Which reminded me that our trip to the Museo Sorolla was one of the high points of Paddy's visit a few weeks ago. The museum is located in the artist's former home, and is an oasis of serenity on one of Madrid's busier traffic arteries. In addition to being filled with Sorolla's work, and some wonderful period furniture, the house is suffused with a kind of joy - it is obvious that the family who lived there was a happy and loving one. Here is a link to the museum's website:

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida : el verdadero pintor de la luz.

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