Wednesday, June 25, 2008


  • BEEPIDEMIOLOGY: Scientific efforts to elucidate the causes of the precipitous and alarming disappearance of honeybee colonies worldwide : CSI comes to the apiary.
  • MOSQUIKO: A pesky insect. The bite of the female of the species has been implicated in the worldwide spread of malarky.
  • RHODORHINORANGIFERICIDE: The killing of a red-nosed reindeer.
  • THIGMOHISPANOSPHAGNOKINESIS: movement in response to being stroked by Spanish moss.
  • CARPATHIAN TUNNEL SYNDROME : fear of being trapped under a mountain in Slovakia.
  • CHOANOPITAPHILIA :An addiction to funnel cake.
  • GLUMBO : A highly spiced covered dish, typically brought by friends and neighbors to comfort the bereaved at a Cajun funeral.
  • GODSWALLOP: A random, apparently meaningless, disaster or catastrophe, what insurance companies refer to as an act of God. If you are at the receiving end, basically you're screwed. Though FEMA might drop by to sneer after about a week or so.
  • GYNOAROMABULIA: The inability to decide which is one's favorite Spice Girl.
  • LUFTWAFFLE: A particularly fluffy breakfast dish, favorite of German pilots.
  • MOUNTIE BANK: A shady Canadian financial institution.
  • MANXIETY: Fear of cats without tails.
  • CUIRBOUILLABAISSE: A type of stew in which the primary ingredient is mystery meat, having the consistency of boiled leather.
  • TROMP'BONE: A wind instrument so ethereal you're not even sure it's really there.

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