Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuber Abuse

Our research has determined that tuber abuse is rampant here in Argentina. In the name of "gastronomic excellence", it is routine practice to kidnap whole gardens of sleeping potatoes, to haze them by forcing them to imbibe large quantities of alcohol until they are drunk, to gouge out their eyes with unimaginable cruelty, finally killing them by repeated bludgeoning with nasty instruments left over from the Spanish Inquisition. All in the name of bringing the tasty side-dish "smashed potatoes" to the diner's table.

tuber abuse

¿Won't you help put an end to these barbaric practices?
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Anna said...

I actually cook something similar, but my family calls it simply "drunken potatoes" - and it's with a bottle of vermouth (Julia must have influenced the recipe?)