Thursday, September 18, 2008


Due to some faulty translation work, yesterday's post conveyed the erroneous impression that the Argentine owl, Buo Magellanicus, was capable of magnetizing cats and other domestic animals. More careful research suggests that the Thpanish word "magnetizar" actually means "to hypnotize". Thus the phenomenon in question should more correctly be classified as a form of avian hypnotism. While it could be argued that a type of animal magnetism is involved, it is not the case that affected cats can be used as refrigerator magnets, or as a good luck measure in card games, as yesterday's post implied, also erroneously.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this regrettable error. Please rest assured that the faulty translator will be severely castigated.

The management.

The Plain People of Ireland: Sinéad! Put down that cat! Turns out yer man has it wrong again.
(fade to the sound of background feline shrieking...)
The Management: sigh...


Hieronymous said...

Its genus is Bubo, not Buo, and its name in English is apparently the Magellanic Horned Owl.

(You might be happy to know that this post is the #1 hit on google if you search for "Buo Magellanicus")

Anonymous said...

I dunno.... Bubo sounds more like some kind of plague vector to me. The Spanish word for owl is "Búho", with the 'h' silent.

Or maybe a hobbit. Bubo Baggins, Bilbo's less heroic second cousin.