Friday, September 26, 2008

Recuerdos (and a Milestone)

Here are some of the souvenirs I got at school today (my last day):

davidspix 007

A card with text from the blind master himself

davidspix 008

Signed by all the teachers and staff

davidspix 009

Ammunition for a future episode of Operation Baked Goods

davidspix 010

A kilogram of dulce de leche (with the accompanying logistical challenge)

davidspix 015

There were some certificates having to do with language competence as well

davidspix 014

The last one commends my "exceptional" participation in class. (Guess that presentation on why the dinosaurs went extinct really paid off).

It was a most extraordinary seven weeks. I can't remember when I've been as happy. My thanks go out to everyone at COINED for making me feel as at home as I did. Most of all to Ciro and to Carolina, two of the sweetest, most charming, extraordinarily capable teachers it's ever been my pleasure to study with.

el maestro with his beloved piazzolla CDs

Carolina has made MATE!!

The plain people of Ireland: Them biscuits look delicious. Aren't you going to open them to celebrate?
The management: They do indeed look delicious - it was a very thoughtful gift. But celebrate what, pray tell.
The plain people of Ireland: Yerra, go on, don't pretend you're not counting - this is your 400th post on this blog.
The management: Why, so it is! Champagne and alfajores all round!

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