Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In the apartment

march4 039

Here is a picture of the apartment. Although it is pretty IKEA-ish, it's not quite as bleakly sterile as the photo might suggest. I just uploaded a bunch of other photos of the apartment, the street of hideous lamp shops, and two new cows (yea!!) to Flickr:

I don't know who either of the people in the apartment pictures are, or if indeed they are supposed to represent actual persons.

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Anonymous said...

Gracias for the photos of your abode! Scanning the new photos, I wonder if one of the shops is for the repatriation of eels or the repair of lamps. And the cow w/ the owl represents? Well, it's actually a bull but that doesn't parse as well w/ owl, does it? Think any local bulls went into the Chicago hot dogs???

Keep having fun!

ever yours,