Friday, February 12, 2010

Mad language skillz

I guess the donkey eventually made it to the University of Salamanca with the exam scripts. According to the Cervantes Institute website, my overall grade in the DELE Superior (convocation of November, 2009) was ..... drumroll, please -


Yeah! (It's a pass/fail deal: the only two outcomes are "apto" and not "apto")

The gory details: (to pass, one needs to score 70% or higher, in each of the three sections, and overall)

Section I:
Reading comprehension 13.89 out of 15 points
Written expression 17.00 out of 20 points

Section II:
Grammar and vocabulary 17 out of 20 points

Section III:
Auditory comprehension 11.25 out of 15 points
Oral expression 23.50 out of 30 points

TOTAL: 82.64 out of 100 points

In other news, I am reading "Infinite Jest".

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Adam said...

Very nice David. Congrats on the apto! Hope all is well across your way.