Saturday, March 31, 2007

Infamous Literary Collaborations

Anna and the King of S-iam a Camera:

The adventures of a woman traveling abroad, who experiences a slight case of multiple-personality disorder, alternating between Thailand in the 1860's and Weimar-era Berlin. Basis of the highly successful musical "The King of Cabaret and I", which single-handedly reignited the Broadway careers of Yul Grey and Deborah Minelli.

Macavity's Rainbow :
Fear and Loathing in East Coker. Eliot eats the peach, but fails the electric acid kool-aid test, while Gonzo writes it all down. Basis of the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical : "Hairball"

From here to Eternity On the Road
Memoirs of a reluctant traveller.

From here to Eternity Under the Volcano
Maybe things weren't so bad on the road.

The Beet Queen of the Damned
Admit it, you've always kind of suspected that Louise Erdrich and Anne Rice were the same person.

The Incredible Lightness of Being and Nothingness
Twice as much European profundity! Same low price!

Bleak House of the Blithe Spirits
When a recently deceased couple sue their interior decorator, the lawsuit drags on for an eternity.

And in the non-fiction section :

The Joy of Cooking Mammals of the World
The Joy of Sex : Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Abelard and Eloise at the Plaza
And Quiet flows the Don
(a searing expose of the Russian Mafia)

The Oldest Living Confederate General's Widow from Big Sur Explains Everything about Trout Fishing in America, Watermelons, and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch.

Unfortunately nobody cares enough to buy the book.

A Gaudy Night to Remember
Harriet and Peter get to the bottom of the Titanic mystery

Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House of the Spirits
because, like, bricks-and-mortar is sooooo yesterday

Cujo's Boys
Louisa May Alcott's lesser-known foray into horror traces the fortunes of a litter of demonic St Bernard pups as they wreak havoc across New England.

(Admit it, you'd go to see Cujo's Boys, if it were a movie)

The Little Prince of Tides
Barbra Streisand finally gets her own planet

Girl with a Pearl Earring, Interrupted
Psychological drama about a young Dutch girl who cracks under the pressure of modeling for her employer

The Spy Who Came in From Cold Comfort Farm
Is it Urk? Is it Seth? Or could it be Aunt Ada Doom herself, delivering that long-overdue report on the narstiness in the woodshed?

(Can you tell it's raining in Seville today? A boy has to amuse himself somehow!)

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