Sunday, April 1, 2007

Palm Sunday

Today marks the first day of Semana Santa, one of two weeks of the year during which Sevilla throws itself more or less full time into the peculiar mix of religious fervor, solemnity, and partying for which it, and all of Andalucia, clearly would like to be famous. Personally, I prefer it when people aren't obviously trying so hard to enjoy themselves (like Sevilla for pretty much the rest of the year). Something strikes me as being slightly forced about today's celebrations. Impressive, yes, but a part of me is plotting a day's getaway later this week, because I'm not sure I can take a whole week of this. The crowds, alone, start to become a little oppressive.

Pictures, and further impressions, when things calm down and I have a chance to sort it all out a bit.

The second week during the year in which Sevilla gives itself over to hedonistic religiosity is during the Feria, which take place during the last week of April. Somewhere between Semana Santa and Feria is the start of the bullfighting season, which seems to fit, somehow.

Hasta luego, should anyone actually be reading this. Obviously, the comment function appears not to be working. Or else all of my readers are the shy, retiring types. Which I gravely doubt.


Bill Yard said...

I particularly enjoyed the photo of you with the Beatles. I must say your new look (long hair, greasy beard) is a step in the right direction. Just stay away from the barber of Seville.

Keep up the good work!

- Bill

Manolete-je said...

I'm an avid Spanish bullfighting aficionado.
I'll be back to see if you have anything interesting to report on the fiesta.
Enjoy Sevilla, you luck duck!