Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday in Granada

Things are pretty uneventful so far, but the main point of this post is simply to say that I am in Granada. Managed to get up at six, to drag myself to make the 7am train; after a little siesta to make up for lost sleep, found this highly superior internet cafe within 10 minutes on my stroll. Now, if only the network of cash machines would relent and stop giving me the same message, that they are unable to disburse cash "for temporary technical reasons", I'd feel a little more at home.

But (touching wood), so far so good. Granada appears to be quite a bit smaller than Seville, and not quite as obsessively clean, but arriving on a major holiday is probably not likely to show any city in its best light. I'm just happy to be here safely.

Wishing anyone reading this a happy Easter, without too much chocolatey indulgence.


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