Friday, May 18, 2007

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Who are these slightly sweaty looking young men? They are Mikel, Basty, Javi and Ony, collectively known as DNASH. They did not win this year's Eurovision song contest in Helsinki. Though they cannot have embarrassed themselves quite as much as DERVISH, "performers" of the woeful Irish entry.

And these well-behaved young people? They are attendees at a punk rock concert, held last weekend in connection with the San Isidro festivities. Let me repeat that. A punk rock concert.
In an earlier post, I mentioned the incredible politeness of your average Spanish teenager and/or disaffected youth. This photo is submitted as further supporting evidence.

In other news from Madrid, municipal elections are rapidly approaching, and (literally) every few days another metro line is extended, or several new stations are opened. Hordes of street-cleaning vehicles are scouring the major thoroughfares, day and night. I think the current metro plan has been revised something like four times since the beginning of the month. One can only imagine the scenes of neglect and filth that are in store once the elections have come and gone.

The plain people of Ireland: Isn't that a coinky-dink? We're having elections here too next week. Sinéad thinks Bertie will pull it off, but 'tis time for a change, if you ask...
The management: (silenced by the sheer horror of the usage "coinky-dink")
The plain people of Ireland: Of course that was a dirty trick with that whole Sunday announcement thing and the Mahon tribunal.
The managment: (rallying) Fascinating and all though this discussion is, the most recent demographic information indicates that it could be of no possible interest to at least 97% of our readers. Accordingly, we shall have to pull the plug on this one. I bid you good night.

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