Thursday, June 14, 2007

4.2 million Spaniards can't be wrong

el internado es la mejor serie k e visto en mi vida y markos es un xiko wapisimoooo me nkanta su acento su dulzura y la parte peoleona k tiene es perfectoooo!xiko 10 e ivan tabien me gusta pero lo de marcos uf!!me a enamorado!!!!esta serie va dar muxo k ablar por k es genialllll!!!!!

Let's try that again, shall we? In Spanish, this time:

El Internado es la mejor serie que he visto en mi vida. Y Marcos es un chico guapísimo. Me encanta su acento, su dulzura y la parte peoleona que tiene es perfecto! Chico 10. E Ivan también me gusta, pero lo de Marcos, uf!! Me ha enamorado!!!! Esta serie va dar mucho que hablar, por que es genial !!!!!!

Apparently my favorite TV series, "El Internado : Laguna Negra" has at least one other fan, judging from the first paragraph above, taken from a bulletin board about the series. In her eagerness to pay tribute to the talents of bad boy Iván and goody two-shoes heartthrob Marcos:

the author hardly does justice to the fine ensemble cast in this show. And there is good news for all "El Internado" fans. This week's episode ("Message in a Bottle") garnered "un excelente 23.5% de share y 4.200.000 espectadores", an increase of 3 percentage points "de share" from last week (when some 600.000 espectadores had the audacity to watch a live interview with President Zapatero instead; bet they are sorry now). This made it the 4th most-watched program of the week, beating out House. The only series more popular this week was CSI.

How do I know all this? Because - thank the Lord - the series now has its own blog (whether maintained by an avid fan, or by a functionary of Antena3 remains opaque - it could be one of them flogs we hear about). Here is the link:

I thank the Lord because - frankly - summarizing the assorted plotlines would be quite a task at this point. But now I don't have to, because you all can go straight to the source above.
Before I get to plot, a picture of Carolina, the adolescent temptress who alternates between kissing badboy Ivan and goodboy Marcos (often in a well), seems long overdue. That's her, on the right.

As I said, it would be impossible to do full justice to all of the plotlines. Let's just say that the adults (assorted teachers and Maria, la limpiadora loca, but not wise old Jacinta) are bopping around in all possible permutations and combinations, catching one another doing so by generally lurking and loitering in back-passages. The teens spent much of their time this week in the well, and it didn't look like a lot of fun, what with being frightened by the Freddie-Kruger handed journalist, the thing in the woods, and the scary film with deformed looking orphans on it (which just happened to be spooling in one of the little hidden chambers at the bottom of the well).

Let's finish up by summing up what we know so far about the critter in el bosque:

  1. It walks on two legs.
  2. It knows how to drive a car.
  3. It is ugly (we know this from little Paula's drawing, and from Fermin - the kitchen boy who is a spy in his spare time - and who we saw last week staring something down in the woods with a pistol and a very frightened expression).
  4. It has better hand-eye coordination than I do (we infer this from its ability to retrieve Paula's message in a bottle to her parents from the lake, in record time).
  5. It can read and write, from which it's not too much of a stretch to think that it might be able to maul horses as well.
  6. It clearly is developing a soft spot for little Paula. Why else would it compose a letter for her and hand it to Jacinta (!) at the end of the episode, prompting J to warn it away from getting too close to Paula.
  7. It also appears to have access to a film projector.

Damn! (¡Jolin!) I wish we had had a better chance to count the eyeballs in that specimen jar last week.

Only 3 more episodes this season. El Internado : un lugar donde todo puede suceder.

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