Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Doctor, my Eyes

No, this is not a coy reference to my new glasses. No, it's time for the update on my favorite TV series here in Spain (rapidly shaping up to be one of my all-time favorites). Forget Tony Soprano. You've guessed it. Time for this week's update on:

"El Internado : Laguna Negra" (Un lugar donde todo puede suceder)

Things really started to get interesting in Episode 3 on Thursday night. Bad boy Ivan continued to do what he does best - strut, pout, and be mean to his Mama. To be fair, he doesn't yet know that Maria, la limpiadora loca, is his Mama, just that she has taken to stalking him around the school in a disturbing fashion, so a little teen annoyance seems justified. But this week it was boring good boy Marcos's turn in the spotlight. The episode starts with Marcos activating the secret trapdoor while lurking in a wardrobe, which leads to the secret room in the attic, complete with a specimen jar full of eyeballs, and a hoard of newspaper clippings referring to the mystery of Laguna Negra (Five vanished orphans, from 1973. Hmmm. How many eyeballs were in that jar again?). That's all in the first 90 seconds.

From there, it's just a hop skip and jump to the roof where he "stumbles on" the 30-year old sketchbook of one of the missing 5 orphans, then to being trapped in a well in el bosque with the girlfriend of badboy Ivan, a young lady whose name unfortunately escapes me, but whom I will refer to here as TB (short for "training bra", not the disease). With predictable consequences.
The plain people of Ireland: Could you be a little more specific?
The management: You know very well what I meant. Snogging in the well. Sweaty adolescent fumbling. That kind of thing. Now, clean the drool from your keyboards and stop interrupting me. I have vital plot details to communicate.

Did I mention the horse who was mean to Marcos's bratty little sister Paula? And is subsequently mauled by some beast of the forest and has to be put down. The flying wolf-creature? The mysterious annotation in the sketch book:

First came the light; then the crimes began.

The mysterious light in the woods at night? The bus stop in the woods? That 5-year old Paula, on what was, by my count, her fourth runaway excursion into the forest, finally meets up with someone, or something, that shows that this kind of reckless behavior may not be such a good thing, no matter how darling you look in your little runaway outfit, complete with suitcase?

Paula, front and center, ready to roll.

That's her brother, good boy Marcos - and insufferable bozo - in the duffel-coat.

Plot incongruities were flying thick and fast this week, at a rate that would never be considered acceptable in the U.S. of A. Here in España, I guess they call it magical realism. Or something. Here is a picture of my favorite character from this week's episode:

Yes, gentle readers, the creature from the "Laguna Negra" appears to be none other than a two-headed bunny rabbit. What happens next? Tune in, this coming Thursday evening, at 10pm on Antena3, for episode 4 of "El Internado : Laguna Negra". Truly a place where anything can happen.

2-minute trailer (in Spanish)

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