Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Goats or Germans?

Not a question I often ask myself, but one prompted by the following assortment of cheeses:

Say cheese

The top four are German, the bottom five are goat-cheeses. Truth in reporting requires me to say that the Germans were considerably stinkier than the goats.

In other food-related news, just the other day I had a salad which contained five different lettuces, whose names I now know in English and in Spanish. I prepared this myself, with a light vinaigrette dressing and some cherry tomatoes, and it was delicious. I mention this as evidence of the culinary distance I have travelled in these past three months.

Five different lettuces? Five different goat-cheeses? I am not the same person I was in mid-March. However, I still draw the line at callos (tripe) and rabo de toro (bull's tail). Certain boundaries must be respected.

The plain people of Ireland: Tripe, is it? Sure there's nothing tastier than a nice plate of tripe and drisheen. But some of them cheeses look a bit manky, truth be told.
The management: So ye're back, are ye? I knew this temporary peace and quiet was too good to be true. Indeed, the word "manky" would not be inappropriate to describe some of the cheeses pictured above.
The plain people of Ireland: Of course, Sinéad can't touch any kind of cheese at all - she's fierce lactate intolerant, you know. But she loves a nice plate of tripe and drisheen.
The management: I'm sorry to hear about her intolerance to dairy products. But I'm afraid we shall have to agree to disagree on the culinary merits of that fine Cork dish, tripe and drisheen.

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