Sunday, June 17, 2007

¡ GOL !

Real Madrid win 30th league title with another late show

MADRID, June 17 (Reuters) - Real Madrid ended their four-year trophy drought when they won the league title for the 30th time after a 3-1 comeback win over Real Mallorca at the Bernabeu on Sunday.

The nine-times European champions topped the final standings by virtue of a better head-to-head record against Barcelona, whose win over relegated Gimnastic Tarragona was to no avail.

And, let me tell you, the plain people of Madrid are celebrating in the streets right now. Having almost lost my hearing to some kind of cherry bomb that some drunken celebrating lunatic lobbed out of a fourth floor window onto the street below*, I'm staying indoors for the rest of the evening.

* triggering, I'm delighted to report, a rash of cell-phone calls to the cops from irate passers-by. I hope they jail the motherfucker .

To be fair, with that one exception, celebration in the streets, while noisy, seemed remarkably civilized and devoid of hooliganism. Of course, the night is still young.

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The Agent of Entropy said...

When I did my semster abroad in Malta, the local village soccer team on the Maltese championship for the first time. The fireworks and celebratory gun shots went on for about ten days, it was freaking awesome.