Friday, August 10, 2007

Doesn't "taste like chicken"

Culinary update: yesterday evening, after the culture class (peoples and countries of Hispanoamérica) I joined some of the other students and we went to a tapas bar. One with tapas exóticas. For the first time in my life I tasted ostrich meat (avestruz) which, oddly enough, did not taste like chicken. We decided to pass on the other possibility of kangaroo meat. If only because the eSpanish word for kangaroo (canguro) also means "nanny", so one couldn't have been 100% sure of what one was actually ordering.

Afterwards we went to the heladería in the Plaza Mayor which always has the longest lines and I had some of the best ice-cream in my life (queso con arandanas and queso con membrillo - cheesecake with cranberries and with quince jelly, respectively). Right up there with the frutas del bosque in Sevilla and Granada.

Unfortunately, it has to be mentioned that something on the tapas menu didn't agree with me (problemas gastrointestinales), so that I didn't actually make it to class today. More's the pity.

Despite today's absence, I still feel that I have learned a bunch since coming here 10 short days ago, and have high hopes for the next two weeks of classes as well. I now read the paper from top to bottom (de cabo a rabo), even the boring economic articles. You never know what might come up on the test!

Meanwhile there is tomorrow's excursion to Toledo to look forward to. Life is good.

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