Monday, September 17, 2007


San Francisco Bay, that is. Got home at around 6pm local time. It's now close to 10pm. I'm going to mail my estimated tax payments to the guvmint, then go to bed.

I am pleased to report that the kitties both seem pleased to see me, and no sulking behavior has been observed so far. In fact, Boris is doing his best dynamo act, purring like a furry furnace.

Perhaps tomorrow I will be more coherent. It's good to be home.


O'Donovan said...

Welcome back, David!

I'm going too miss the daily life discoveries from your travels, but I have a strong suspicion that your daily life by the Bay is going to be equally (if not more) fascinating.

Sherri said...

Welcome home! I was pondering you soaring over the ether yesterday while finishing up 'Me Talk Pretty One Day'.

The stories set in France were the best ones.

Jared said...

Recepción detrás.