Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Change One Letter Update

We haven't played "Change One Letter" in a while. You remember the rules - change (or add, or delete) one letter in an existing book title and give a brief description of the resulting work.

Mon Quixote : Caribbean version of a classic picaresque tale

: A rebel cow threatens to destroy Glasgow, but is dissuaded by his mom, only to be butchered and sold to a local steakhouse by his fellow rebels.

Hart of Darkness : The real story of Bambi's mother, and why she had to die.

Exopus : When their ice-floe is threatened by global warming, one brave penguin leads his tribe to find the promised land.

Walter the Farming Dog : The story of a canine ahead of his time, who tries to persuade his pack-members to give up their hunting-gathering ways and settle down.

Portrait of a Lad : Henry James's recently discovered masterful account of the life of a Glasgow soccer hooligan

The Three Billy Goats Ruff : These caprine caperers are more interested in playing bridge than crossing it.

Oscar and Lucida : Disturbed young man is almost saved by a pretty new font.

The Belle Jar : A southern debutante´s descent into madness.

When You Are Engulfed in Flakes : David Sedaris battles dandruff.

Cannery Roe : The Story of Caviar

The God : Fatter Why not take Buddha as your personal savior?

The Compleat Mangler Boxing Tips from Isaak Walton


Pb said...

Bambi's mother dies??? What a spoiler. sob.


Peter said...

The Three Billy Goats Guff

Though large and hairy, trolls are easily fooled by smooth-talking goats.

Have we had the make a sentence or poem out of 5 random words recently? If not, here are my challenge words: piquant, thaumaturgy, oribi, lacustrine, oroide.

Bebe Bahnsen said...

Auntie Mime

Boring book, boring movie.