Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Visitor

An excellent film, which may have slipped under your radar. If so, I strongly recommend that you see it.

Surprisingly many films are shown undubbed (that is, in the original language, with Spanish subtitles) here in Madrid. Several cinemas, many of them quite large multiplexes, show only undubbed movies. The three films I've seen since coming to Madrid - "Milk", "Nixon/Frost" and, this afternoon, "The Visitor" were all in English.

I won't attempt a review of "The Visitor" other than to say that it features actors that I hadn't seen or heard of previously*, was understated, and ultimately very moving.

(* with the exception of Michael Cumpsty, a fine actor who happened to be in the same scholarship program as me in Chapel Hill. Go Mooseheads!)

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