Thursday, July 30, 2009

If it weren't so pathetic, it'd almost be funny

First things first. Let me assure everyone, I AM JUST FINE. Just majorly outraged. But things here are rapidly approaching farce levels. On my way to dinner earlier tonight,(where the service was as charming as a rusty nail), I survived (a) an effort to steal my camera (unsuccessful, but leaving me with severe wrist burn from the camera cord) and (b) five minutes later, having one of the mangy wild dogs that roam the pavements of the city sink his filthy fangs into my sleeve (nowhere near penetration of skin, given the many layers I was wearing).

But by my count, that's two strikes. One more, and I'll be on the plane to Buenos Aires before you can say "Pinochet".

Santiago, consider this a warning that you are ON NOTICE! There are certain outrages up with which I shall not put.


Bandito said...

Umbrage has been taken.
And taken again.

teresa.frog.applause said...

!Dios mío! Wild dogs are stealing cameras in Santiago?!

Pb said...

Two recent near-death experiences in the family are enough. Trod carefully, Dg. Your flesh can be stitched, but that camera of yours is irreplaceable and most excellent. Mucho cuidado, carino.


gaelstat said...

Indeed. What next? Can I expect a werewolf attack at tonight's symphony concert?