Saturday, August 1, 2009

Product placement

My fine ACER notebook

This post is just a quick shout-out to acknowledge the vital role that my fine ACER notebook computer plays in my travels. Brad made me aware of the ACER when he came to visit me in Madrid in March, and I wasted no time in buying one when I got back to the U.S. It's beautifully compact, meets all my needs, has an 8-hour battery life - and at only $350 from Amazon, I consider it a steal. (I did have to equip mine with a mouse, however, given my general lack of trackball agility).

So far I've convinced Emer (my sister) and Paddy to join the ACER club. Maybe you should consider one yourself, for your next trip. You'll wonder how you ever managed without one.

{End blatant product placement. Though if anyone at ACER would like to sponsor this blog.... Oh, never mind! Wouldn't want to compromise my editorial independence...}

The plain people of Ireland: Begob, but that's a handsome machine, no two ways about it.
The management: Why am I not surprised that you would be pleased by shiny gadgetry?


Marie said...

Sorry, but once you go Mac, you can never go back... For only 10 times the price of your ACER, you could have been the proud owner of a Macbook Air just like mine. I'd rather be controlled by the whims of Steve Jobs than Bill Gates any day...

Pb said...

I understand the Mac passion and may move there myself for the next desktop. In the meantime, I love my little Acer ($291, no tax or shipping from Amazon). I chose a smaller model than David did and love the aesthetics of the 8.9-inch screen, pearl white.

gaelstat said...

Well, of course, some of us don't have gobs and gobs of TAXPAYER DOLLARS to fund our computing whims, so price is a consideration, when all you have to fall back on is your INDEPENDENTLY WEALTHY status.


Smurfin' said...

I've seen backpackers surfing the hostels of Europe with a 15 and even 17 inch sails. Lord knows how they do it.