Friday, October 30, 2009

Vivieron felices y comieron perdices

In Spanish fairy tales the traditional ending, instead of saying "they lived happily ever after", is "vivieron felices y comieron perdices", literally - "they lived happily and ate partridges". I hope that they had some help plucking the partridges before consuming them, because if this picture (taken at the local 'polleria'*) is anything to go by, some pre-processing would seem to be in order:

november2009 001

*: You've guessed it - there are no polls at the polleria.


Pb said...

Well, this is a gastronomical first for me. Have you eaten partridge in Madrid? Or anywhere else, Dg?

gaelstat said...

Well, I've never eaten partridges myself. But later yesterday evening there were only three left in the window, so somebody in the neighborhood is indulging, somewhere.

Wonders idly if there are any pear trees nearby.

Ped Ant Ry said...

Is it a Spanish thing to float the decimal point in the air like that?