Monday, October 26, 2009

Back on the Plain

This is just a driveby update to say that I am back in Madrid. Still somewhat discombobulated from the trip - I got in on Saturday, thought I had adjusted to local time, only to be further confused on Sunday by the change from Daylight Saving time on Saturday night. All was well today until I just noticed that my watch has done its standard "this is Madrid, time to start acting wacky" routine. So basically, since I forgot to pack the alarm clock (yet again!), I depend on the computer to find out the right time. (Yes, I know, I could have the TV running in the background, but frankly it's just too hideous).

Am in the same apartment as before, so there are certain comforting constants, like the ghostly shower noises in the middle of the night. Prep classes for the DELE pull no punches so I am currently searching my soul, trying to remember exactly just why it seemed that this would be a good idea.

I imagine that the outlook will improve once my sleep patterns normalize a little. Brad arrives tomorrow for two weeks - I will do my best not to resent his freedom to swan about Madrid while I wade through one practice test after another.

This too shall pass. But, be warned, it will probably make for infrequent blogging. I will try not to whine. The exam is Friday November 13th, so the whining period is self-limiting anyway.

Hasta pronto!


Pb said...

Hola over there, Dg. Cell phones make super clocks. If you left your cell phone at home, go to Corte Ingles and buy a small clock. We don't want you sleeping through any exams. Big hey to Brad.

y tu,

Anonymous said...

Went to Corte Ingles yesterday and bought myself a fine Svatch vatch. Brad arrived safely. We hope that maybe his luggage will arrive some day soon as well.

Incredibiloso said...

I'm blaming Dali for the watch thing.