Friday, November 20, 2009

Closed for the weekend

I am not taking my little laptop to Andalucia, so will not be blogging over the weekend. Why not make a comment or two in my absence? The silence out there is deafening, with a few honorable exceptions.

Hasta lunes!


Bebe Bahnsen said...

This comment is from the Georgian whose email messages to you unaccountably get lost. Thanks to Paddy for forwarding them, but I will not give up. More emails to come until they actually reach you.
Hope Andalusia charms and enchants.

TheWotcher said...

Wishing you some merry Andalucidity. Which brings me to my point. This particular Thpanish-learningment doesn't seem to have been coloured by as much Gay Abandon as some previous adventures of Our Hero. Is there some Gay Abandon programmed for the concluding days?

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid this is probably a reflection of that streak in your beloved host's character which forces him (that is, me) to get all goal-oriented and stuff, the moment anything like an exam veers on the horizon. Which is a shame, because half the point of the whole exciting Thpanish adventure was to try to extirpate this less than attractive feature. But it's obviously deeply ingrained.

however, without wanting to give too much away, I can safely promise a fair quota of gay abandon once I get back to Madrid tomorrow. Including the perennial favorite OBG update - and - please contain your excitement, one final animal diorama in anticipation of Navidad. not just with your average manger animals either, something far more exotic and exciting!

Watch this space.

TheWotcher said...

It's coming, it's coming! Confectionery excrement!