Saturday, November 14, 2009


Some of you may be wondering when the results of yesterday's exam will be known. This being Thpain, it will take 3 months. This despite the fact that 85% of the test was multiple choice, fill in the blobs with your #2 pencil, items, and so could presumably have been corrected on the spot. Same thing with the oral exam. But, noooo... I guess both of those 250-word essays I wrote have to be shipped by mule to the University of Salamanca, to be corrected personally by octogenarian members of the Royal Academy wielding quill pens and a lifetime's accumulated resentment about the way the language has had the audacity to evolve.

But it's done, and I don't have to study for it any more. If I'd had to write one more business letter of complaint, I might have had to slit my wrists.

Ah, blessed freedom!


Pb said...

Bundle those letters into a novella!

Veloce said...

I wish your essays donkeyspeed.

gaelstat said...

Why would you wish that donkeys had peed on my essays? That's not very nice!

Cackles at own 4th-grade wit. teehee!