Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A state of heightened preparedness

So, here at DELE central, things are rapidly approaching the point of no return. Sure, there are a few more exercises I should probably force myself to wade through. But I just finished yet another essay while at dinner ("an interesting story from your past" - did I ever tell you about the time I was going through customs at JFK, and there was this "nun" with a suitcase full of contraband rashers and sausages? No, I didn't think so, because it never happened, but they are not to know that. Yes, it's true, I've already mined my past for the few nuggets of interest it might contain - breakfast in Guanajuato anyone? - so now I'm reduced to making things up. So sue me.)

This afternoon brought the ritual pleasure of the purchasing of the requisite pre-exam necessities - the lapicero #2, with backup, the borrador, the sacapuntas, the black boligrafo, the appropriately shrill despertador. If only mental preparedness were available for purchase at a comparable price.

So, the oral exam is tomorrow afternoon at 4:45pm; the written exam on Friday from 9;00 until 2:00. There's a definite sense that this particular die has already been cast. Anything from here on out is just window dressing, nervous activity to calm the mind.

But the studying has been fun. Here was this evening's soundtrack:

  • Sibelius: 2nd symphony, especially the sublime final movement
  • Saint-Saens: organ symphony, ditto (aka the theme from "Babe")
  • Dvorak: Songs my mother taught me
  • Lauridsen: Dirait-on from the Rose cycle (lyrics by Rilke)
  • Alfven: Swedish Rhapsody
  • Granados: Andalucia
  • Gershwin: Three Preludes for Piano
  • Addinsell: Warsaw concerto
  • Catalani: Ebben? ... Ne andro lontana (La Wally, aka the theme from "Diva")
  • Mozart: Soave sia il vento (Cosi fan Tutte)

The titles of those last two are enough to make a person want to learn Italian.
Right now.

This is music that I find both joyful and inspiring.

And with that, good night. Wish me luck.


jared2 said...


I just heard
Mozart: Soave sia il vento (Cosi fan Tutte) on the car radio. What can I say? Such music by Mozart proves that human life was not a mistake, a proof we are often in need of. Good luck.

Wolfmouth said...

Yeah, go get em. What stationery did you purchase for the oral exam?

gaelstat said...


Yes. What you said. The beauty of "Soave sia il vento" leaves me transfixed.


No thpecial stationery, but I did dress nicely for the occasion.

Thanks for your words of encouragement.

Wog said...

How disappointing. After your encouragement for Peter, I thought you might throw a little DethKlok in the mix.