Friday, November 27, 2009


Our featured item of the month is a delicacy purchased in Cadiz, known as a mantecado.

nov09 027

Bearing the royal endorsement of none other than that old Grumpy McGrumperson, Felipe Segundo.

nov09 028

At this point, I'd have to say things don't look particularly promising. Better have some emergency liquids on hand:

nov09 032

nov09 029

Oh my God! It's indescribably bad. Like biting down on a cube of the caked ashes of ol' Felipe himself. How did they manage to make something so hideous? And do they have a deal with the local crematorium?

nov09 030

The explanation becomes clear. I should have paid closer attention to the wrapper. Still, when it says "el mantecado mas antiguo del mundo", I didn't actually think they were referring to the particular one that I was just about to consume (read: "ingest, attempt to masticate, and spit out in a fit of coughing, as I desperately reach for the reviving mineral water").

But one has to admit that their choice of royal patron is an inspired one.


gaelstat said...

I should note that, in an impassioned defence of the delectability of the mantecado (apparently a favorite in Christmas stockings), both Pedro and Sergio used the same word to describe it: polvorón. The closest translation for which would be the phrase "dust bomb".

The prosecution rests.

BeanThere said...

But it's won all those medals! Foods with medals on the packaging are clearly superior to everything else in the world.

gaelstat said...

Yes, but those medals were awarded in 1903. So that food item is over 100 years old!