Thursday, March 15, 2007

Change one letter

Change one letter in the title of an existing book to get a completely different story. Provide a one-sentence description of the result.

  • All the Pretty Houses: Cormac MacCarthy's verbal tribute to the real estate industry.
  • The Right Stiff: Tom Wolfe explores the growing phenomenon of space burial.
  • A Heartbreaking Worm of Staggering Genius : one man's search for truth in a tequila bottle.
  • Infinite Pest: A talented author loses all control of his manuscript and the footnotes go on forever.
  • The Shops of the Fisherman: To meet the ever-increasing cost of litigation brought by the families of former altar boys, Vatican City is leased out to a multinational shopping mall conglomerate.
  • Lost Verizon : While climbing in the Himalayas, a yuppie is extremely disturbed to find that his cell phone no longer works
  • The Unbearable Tightness of Being : Memoir of an Asthma Patient
  • Lady Windermere's Fin : Inbreeding in Victorian England
  • The Cremains of the Day -- a Mitford-Ishiguro production.
  • The Spoils of Boynton : A lifetime of drawing cute cats has its rewards
  • Eyes on the Pride : A group of tourists on safari are separated from their jeep
  • The Brothels Karamazov : Heidi Fleiss meets Dostoevski
  • The Good Marrow : John Donne wins big at the county fair!
  • Caesar's Garlic Wars : Internecine strife threatens to bring down a pizza-making dynasty

Yes, I did cheat on one of these, resorting to a two-letter change.

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