Monday, March 12, 2007


  • splurgeon : an extravagant sawbones with an insatiable appetite for caviar
  • vanatee : a conceited sea-cow, or an Irish landlady who resembles one
  • slobster : an untidy crustacean, a messy mobster
  • burnt umbrage : color shade favored by angry painters
  • panicillin : a potent, very broad-spectrum antibiotic, first isolated from moldy breakfast rolls
  • tinternabulation : a rare psychosomatic condition, characterized by the sufferer hearing imaginary voices in the head, incessantly declaiming the poetry of Wordsworth. Rapidly lethal, if left untreated.
  • porcubine : a prickly consort
  • solmon : a very wise fish, famed in Irish mythology as being the source of Fionn McCool's omniscience
  • celebetude : the state of being a dull celebrity; exercise taught at celeb wannabe academies (e.g. exiting a limousine in a way that garners maximum exposure); the attitude given off by a particularly dull celeb, such as a hilton sister
  • wicissitude : kerfuffle resulting from misinformation posted on Wikipedia. The alternative spelling wikissitude is sometimes used

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