Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The polar bear up in my attic
Who monitors all things climatic
told me "All of the vapors
from those Iraqi capers
are deadly to creatures aquatic.

For example, there's my cousin Mo
Who lived on a floe down below
But holes in the ozone
Made his floe a no-go zone
And now Mo has got no place to go"

"In Russia conditions are drearier
For instance, in northern Siberia
young baby seals have
been mating with eels
I'd say more, but I don't want to skeer ya

In Bohemia's lush forest groves
People are panicking in droves
Screaming with fright, they're
Fleeing a new nightmare
Babies born with a face like Karl Rove's."

Until now, I confess, climatology
Was as boring to me as mycology
But the words of that bear
Were a genuine scare
And a reason to care 'bout ecology

Earth's fragile, a magical jewel.
Life bubbles in constant renewal
Extinguish the mystery
And go down in history
As earthkillers? No, that would be cruel.

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