Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day of reckoning

Sorry folks, I can't even to begin to make the experience of filing taxes in three separate jurisdictions (Federal, California, and New Jersey) from a distance of 6000 miles from home seem anything other than exhausting. I would like to thank all of the people who helped track down information at the last minute, and who pulled me through the experience.

Perhaps the only light note was when I googled to try to figure out why the filing deadline this year was April 17th. The reason involves some arcane provision about holidays inWashington DC; the amusing part is that the Federal Government was apparently unable to figure out its own regulations in enough time to print the correct deadline on the relevant forms and (quite sensibly) didn't bother to have them re-printed.

The plain people of Ireland: What's this? Nothing yesterday, and two paragraphs of self-pitying rubbish today? When do we get our refund?
The management: Funny you should ask, fools. I had the same question myself today. Must be that time of year. Get in line, like everyone else.

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