Friday, April 20, 2007


I know many of you must be wondering: "¿What if I would like to plan a motorcycling holiday in Andalucía? ¿Are helmets mandatory?"

Indeed they are, gentle reader, indeed they are. And if you read of the untimely demise of one middle-aged Irish blogging statistician, it will be because, convulsed with laughter, I fell into the path of an oncoming Vespa. Whose rider was smartly outfitted with the following, by far the most common choice among discerning Vespa-riders throughout Granada:

As yet, no foxes have been sighted. But I live in hope.


Anonymous said...

All one needs is a crop! Go faster, Vespa, faster yet. Tally-ho. Como se dice "fox"?


gaelstat said...

That would be "zorro", as in "Zorro the Geek". Oh, wait, that's my other blog....