Friday, April 20, 2007


I'm surprised nobody has asked yet. ¿How do you say "mainly on the plain" in Spanish?

I know that my discerning readership interprets this question in the intelligent, rather than the literal, sense. So I will answer the intelligent, not the literal question.

The management here at Mainly on the Plain takes such linguistic enquiries seriously. I am glad to be able to report that, following weeks of investigation by our top experts, we are now in a position to give a definitive answer on this question.

In the Spanish version of My Fair Lady, the rain-related phrase with which the sadistic Professor Higgins torments Eliza is the following

La lluvia in Sevilla es una maravilla

The plain people of Ireland: begob, there's a lot of them double-ls in that sentence.
The management: which is precisely, the point, you wretches.
The plain people of Ireland: Oh right. Of course. Very clever indeed. Smart boy wanted. Isn't that interesting?
The management: yes, isn't it? For once, we agree on something.

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