Thursday, May 31, 2007

Agents of Mobility

What is this person called, here in Madrid? You might be thinking, un policía de tráfico, u algo así. In doing so, you would be betraying your hopelessly 20th century attitude towards traffic-related matters.

No, this person plays a vital role in ensuring unobstructed circulation in the traffic arteries of Spain's proud capital city. A role which is reflected in his title. He is an

agente de movilidad

As is his much-maligned and underappreciated henchmistress, the meter maid.

The plain people of Ireland: Agent of mobility, is it? Begob, there's another very famous agent of mobility we could tell you about. Would you like to know?
The management: Do I have a choice in the matter?
The plain people of Ireland: 'Tis called Ex-Lax. Do you get it? Ex-Lax! Mobility! You should try it sometime.

Fadeout to the sound of peasant guffaws....

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