Thursday, May 31, 2007

El Internado : Laguna Negra (Update)

Tonight was the second episode of "El Internado : Laguna Negra" (un lugar donde todo puede suceder) and, while not quite as titillating as the pilot episode, it certainly qualified as "must see TV" in my book. (Note to self: get a life.)

This week it was mostly Hector who was semi-naked. While I certainly had no objection to this, I imagine that the general public is going to want to see more of María, la limpiadora loca, fleshwise. However, the degree of sultry teenaged pouting was more than acceptable - the series could also be called "Laguna Negra 90210". My personal favorite pouter is Ivan the bad boy

who - spoiler alert - turns out to be the son of María la limpiadora loca. Meanwhile, el bosque gets more menacing all the while, and Don Alonso (or possibly Don Alfonso) is still missing at large, what with being stuck down in that nasty dungeony place, underneath the wood, with all the skeletons and snakes and that nasty head-wound and all.

The plain people of Ireland: That's all well and good, but we miss "The Riordans".
The management: Doesn't everybody.

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