Friday, May 4, 2007

Now with 100% more pictures

signs of the times

articulos para la pastelería

Articles for bakeries

articles for bakeries

and piggy makes 36

Who said we neglect dogs on this blog?

for all you doglovers


Anonymous said...

Katie and Adam will want one of those cake toppers for their eventual wedding. We can spend hours choosing just the right one.


the plain people of Ireland said...

Wait a minute, now. Hold up there for just one second. Wouldn't you say that some of them couples are a bit unusual?

Two fellas together in the one case. And those two blond ones as well. And what are those storks supposed to mean? This isn't the kind of thing you'd see on an Irish wedding cake, you know..

gaelstat said...

Yes, indeed. Thank you for beating our readership over the head with the point which these photographs were intended to convey - the joyful and inclusive nature of Spanish attitudes towards marriage.

the plain people of Ireland said...

Not at all. You're very welcome. Sure 'tis no trouble. You can count on us to help out whenever we can. Glad to be of service.