Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Take the virtual tour

A few of my readers have wondered: "why aren't there more photos of people on this blog, of David, in particular"? An entirely reasonable question. So, here you go: (and yes, I have shaved off my moustache)

kitchen (urchin with camera not included)

This photograph is just one of many subtle gems you will find if you take the virtual tour of my current dwelling, which is at the following link:

where I live now

The plain people of Ireland: Begob, them's very fancy digs indeed. Sure 'tis living on the pig's back, you are - ar mhuin na muice, as Brother O' Donovan was always fond of saying.
The management: Yes, thank you. Nice of you to say so.
The plain people of Ireland: That's what comes of all that book-learning. Sure 'tis nice to see it pay off.
The management: Why yes. In my time, I did indeed apply myself to my studies, with occasionally gratifying results.
The plain people of Ireland: But with all that book-learning, did you never hear of a thing called Grecian Formula? For someone like yourself, with a fine head of hair, 'twould take years off overnight. Sure look at what it did for yer man Reagan over in..
The management: Why, I believe the new wireless connection is acting up. I'm afraid we will have to leave things there for this evening.


O'Donovan said...

I am officially, passionately in love with your living space. Especially the amazing living room.

Paul said...

Well, that's a relief. Given that you've been aspirating "frutas del bosque" sorbets, I was picturing you to resemble Violet Beauregarde by now.