Thursday, August 2, 2007

Aquí estoy

Just to let everyone know: I am here, in Salamanca, safe and sound. A little travel-weary, but presumably that's all part of the experience.

What is Salamanca like? Two words come to mind - old and picturesque. Extraordinarily picturesque. Here is a picture of the Plaza Mayor, to give you an idea
It is also teeming with students, of assorted nationalities. The kind of town which has bars rejoicing in names like "The Irish Rover". Where, regrettably, they sponsor toga parties. Which, you will be glad to hear, I avoid like the plague.
I will have more to tell about Salamanca in subsequent posts. Also more about my journey from San Francisco to Salamanca. Which was, in a word, arduous.
But aquí estoy. Y muy feliz.
Hasta pronto.

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