Friday, August 3, 2007

Silica gel of the Magdalen

File this entry under "idle musings and random connections".

Observation # 1: Each time you buy a new suitcase, or other luggage-type item, it is invariably accompanied by a little packet of something, which I believe to be silica gel. The little packet comes with the inevitable warning "do not ingest", and presumably is included for its desiccant (sp?) properties, as a preventative against mold and mildew.

Observation # 2: Yesterday, while roaming the aisles of the recently-discovered neighborhood supermarket, I yielded to temptation and bought a package of something called "magdalenas cuadradas" (square magdalens), which bore a strong superficial resemblance to the kind of item one might consume as accompaniment to one's morning café con leche. Boy, was I fooled. Upon biting into this "baked good" (a misnomer if ever there was one), the immediate result was to have it suck all of the moisture from my mouth, effect a temporary shutdown of my salivary glands, and send me reeling towards the fridge in search of some resuscitating agua mineral.

Hence my suggestion: a synergistic merger between the producers of silica gel and Grupo "El Arbol", producers of aforementioned magdalenas cuadradas. Though, come to think of it, perhaps the name "El Arbol" should have been warning enough of the ligneous properties of this particular attack on the palate.

Observation # 3: Baked "goods" do not represent the summit of the eSpanish culinary arts.

The plain people of Ireland: Here, what's all this? Nothing for weeks, and now this kind of random rubbish? Has the sun addled your brains?
The management: Very possibly yes. But it's been an exhausting week. I promise to be more focused for the rest of my stay.
The plain people of Ireland: Oh, fair enough so. Carry on!

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