Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dublin under siege

No, not by me. I'm just here for two nights. However, it is with grief-tinged shock* that I must report the sighting of a little boutique dedicated to peddling the wares of Thomas Kinkade ("The Painter of you know what...") just a stone's throw from Dublin's trendy Grafton Street. In addition to the standard nauseating panoply of radioactively glowing cottages in the purple mist there are - regrettably, very regrettably indeed - Celtic-themed items of dreck. Including a Celtic Santa.

Excuse me. I have to stop now. Waves of revulsion are sweeping over me.

* : or shock-tinged grief, if you prefer. This is an equal-opportunity-cliche blog.

Slan go foill.



Sherri said...


I knew it was coming, though. The Gaelsong catalog I used to love TEEMS with the stuff.

Jared said...

Wait a minute - I would like to hear what the Plain People of Ireland think of Thomas Kinkade before rushing to judgment.

Sherri said...

I'm not sure the PPoI would have a balanced view on it. I suspect they get a cut from the tourists who buy the schlock, but wouldn't have it at home.