Sunday, September 9, 2007

La javelina

¿Quién es? I hear you ask. Well, it's a javelina, also known as a peccary. What is he doing on this blog? Well, it's a long story, related in part to George Clooney's now-defunct pot-bellied pig, Max.

But why ask why? It's Sunday aquí en Madrid, time for a little silliness. And a new sniglet.

peccary: a sinful porcine, a scape-pig.


Anonymous said...


Dead Max

Tonight my subject is the pig.
Who is not always dirty, or even very big.
For instance, George Clooney had a small pot-bellied pig name of Max.
Whose belly he used to tickle to help him relax.
I'm not sure about this, but I think that Max came from Vietnam.
It's really kind of moot now anyway because he died about a year ago.
So now all that is left of Max is his salty memory and a delicious ham.
Nobody is quite sure what caused the demise of poor Max.
Some say it was his pot belly caused him to have a number of heart attacks.
I hope that George goes right out and buys himself a javelina or peccary.
Though I must admit that last name always makes me kind of snickery.
Because peccary sounds like some kind of biblical scape-pig or something you might use to make jam.
But I could be wrong about that last part, in fact I'm pretty sure I am.

gaelstat said...

I am thpeechless.