Monday, September 10, 2007

¿ A qué huele Kate Moss ?

What does Kate Moss smell of? In this blog we have on occasion poked fun at Chandler Burr, perfume critic for The New York Times. Thus, it was with a certain amusement that I came across the following paragraph in the Sunday magazine of El País. An article about Kate Moss's new perfume, called - simply - "Kate". Here is El País's take:

Se llama Kate y en su aspecto y imagen domina el rosa, aunque surcado por espinas negras. Porque la fragrancia será floral, de acuerdo, pero la modelo británica no renuncia ni por esas al lado rockero y salvaje... Y al final, ¿a qué huele Kate Moss? Pues a nomeolvides aderezado con pimienta rosada y flor de azahar y a una mezcla de azucena, heliotropo, magnolia y rosa contrastada con pachuli, madera de sándalo y almizcle.

It's called Kate, and its essence is dominated by roses, though interspersed with black thorns. Because although the fragrance is floral, the British model has not abandoned her savage, rocker persona ... In the end, what does Kate Moss smell of? Of forget-me-nots embellished with allspice and citron blossom, and a mixture of lilies, heliotrope, magnolias and roses, contrasted with sandalwood, patchouli, and musk.

Somehow, I think Chandler would have had more fun with this.

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Sherri said...

I find myself drifting back to older perfumes, the ones my mother liked, or even earlier when I can find them -- traditional scents, ordinary ones.

The new stuff is just too confusing, and do I really want to smell like roses and hard rock?