Tuesday, September 4, 2007

La secreta de Letizia

From the vile TV program "Está pasando" (the sacrifices I make for my readers!), breaking news. The secret of Doña Letizia. She is the owner of two "escopetas" (hunting rifles), indicating a "desconicida aficion a la caza" (secret love of hunting).

Just thought you would want to know.

The plain people of Ireland: ¿And just who, exactly is this Donna Letitia?
The management: ¡¡¡ Imbeciles!!! Have you been paying no attention whatsoever all summer. Doña Letizia is, of course, the divorced commoner who is married to El Principe, mother of the future queen of eSpain, la Infanta Leonor.
The plain people of Ireland: Wouldn't Diana be a better name for her, given that she is a huntress?
The management: Oh, spare me your faux-erudition. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to get back to this breaking story. You will be pleased to know that El Rey always chooses escopetas manufactured in eSpain.


Sherri said...

I'm speculating that such bloodthirsty pursuits -- even if the only thing bloodied are targets -- are considered a poor choice of extra curricular activity by this particular exalted personage?

Divorced commoners seem to be a trend among the European royals in recent decades.

gaelstat said...

Better a divorced commoner than your first cousin, I would imagine. There's already more than enough Hapsburg blood in the Principe's gene pool (ooh, a biologically mixed metaphor), and - it has to be said - that one of his sisters is decidedly odd-looking. The Spaniards have a nickname for her, which escapes me at the moment. Though it's not up there with my favorite Spanish royal nicknames "Juana la Loca" and that of Felipe IV - "el rey aposmado", which translates roughly as "the perpetually bewildered king".

According to the vulgar commentators on "Está pasando", a show whose breathless prurience makes it both disgusting and irresistible, la Reina (Sofía) is an animal-lover, and thus not particularly in favor of hunting, but Juan Carlos himself is a fairly avid hunter.

Of course, as with everything pertaining to the royal family, the fascination of this particular "story" lies in its supreme triviality.

Shallowness - the hallmark of this blog.

Sherri said...

I don't think of this weblog as 'shallow'. I like to think of it as broad and easily forded.