Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ni Hitler ni Superman

Dateline Caracas: Venezuela trata de prohibir los nombres extravagantes para los recién nacidos (Venezuela tries to outlaw bizarre names for newborns)

Hitler Adonys Rodriguez Crespo, Usnavy, Usmail, Superman, Makgiber, Yuvifred, Genghis Khan o Nick Carter Backstreet Boys no serán aceptados en un futuro como nombres para los venezelanos (will no longer be accepted as names for Venezuelans) ......

No, I'm not making this up. According to an article in today's El País, the Venezuelan government has introduced a bill designed to prevent parents from burdening their infant children with names which could expose their offspring to "ridicule" in later life. In a country which is home to at least 10 people rejoicing in the name "Superman González", passage of the bill into law is not expected to occur without some heated debate.

Just thought you would like to know.

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