Monday, August 18, 2008

Pictures galore

davids_pictures_august_18_2008 007

I've been out sacar-ing photos like a maniac, and uploading them to Flickr fairly indiscriminately, I'm afraid. I did try to bring a little order to today's efforts, by subsetting out a collection:

Colores del Tango .



Mindy said...

Hi, David.

I just had to drop in to tell you that I'm thoroughly enjoying your blogs! Ever since your blog in June about your best. breakfast. ever, I've been following your travels, photos, and stories (lurking, I think it's called). Please keep on blogging - I'm traveling vicariously with you!

Take care,
Mindy (one of your GNE colleagues)

Anonymous said...

The tango photo series is a knockout, David! I LOVE these images. When I first moved to DC in 1977, I'd stop in a cafe called Carlos Gardel in Adams Morgan on Saturday afternoons. Lonely, handsome Argentinian guys would sit listening to sad music and stirring their coffee. This was 20 years before before tango hit DC. The images of Gardel from his home turf are poignant.


gaelstat said...

Thanks, Mindy and PB. Glad you liked the photos. My walk around the Abasto district yesterday cheered me up no end and dissipated any traces of my earlier sour mood! How could one not be cheered up by those images, no?