Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Rule of Carolina

The rule of Carolina (aka 'la regla de Carolina') states that the only consonants which can appear doubled in Spanish are those appearing in the name 'Carolina'. Tonight I had dinner with the very Carolina who first taught me this rule.

Oddly enough, we had pizza for dinner. It is a sign of my incurable geekitude that I find this hilarious.

The plain people of Ireland: What's he on about now? We don't get it.
MOTP: PiZZa! See, there is no 'z' in 'Carolina'. Oh, never mind ....


TheFixx said...

But after dinner, there would be pizza in Carolina. Problem solved.

Pb said...

Dear Fixx, there is no X in Carolina, hmmm.

Dg, was the pizza good? Can't believe I made it 9 days w/out pizza in B.A. since it's everywhere.